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"Sweatshirts Are the Future" and More Kanye West Gems From Vanity Fair

​We've glimpsed the future, and it's all about Kanye.

Jessica Roy

We've glimpsed the future, and it's all about Kanye.

Kanye West gave a mega-interview to Vanity Fair that came out Thursday. They had a chance to talk to him just after his New York Fashion Week collection hit the runways. Here's what we learned:

On stressing out about his collection West referred repeatedly to not sleeping for days on end, or crashing in his workspace. "I slept at the studio and I would have dreams or nightmares about the look board," he said.

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On how his album is coming along He described it as "a sonic landscape, a two-year painting." During his show, they played a song called "Fade" from the upcoming album. "The song I played has been a year and a half in the making and it may be still a year from being complete," he explained. The album is currently titled Swish.

On his presidential run No, he was not joking when he announced at the VMAs that he was planning on running for president in 2020. "I've got five years before I go and run for office and I've got a lot of research to do, I've got a lot of growing up to do," he said, mentioning how both of his parents earned advanced degrees. "I hate politics. I'm not a politician at all. ... The whole point is to have someone [in office] that's creative, that's around amazing creatives."

On his love affair with the Gap The "Gold Digger" rapper opines at length about how the Gap 15-20 years ago -- at the height of the chain's success -- is basically his fashion ideal. "I want the clothes to almost go away, to almost be invisible, to be one with the personality," he said. "You know when you see people's dogs look like them? I want people's clothes to look like them."

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On sweatshirts "Sweatshirts are the future," West explained (and really, that slogan should be on a sweatshirt). He said all people want to wear right now are yoga pants and sweatshirts and he wants "to make the most beautiful version of that possible." "Sweatshirts are f---ing important," he emphasized. "That might sound like the funniest quote ever. How can you say all this stuff about running for president in 2020 and then say sweatshirts are important? But they are. Just mark my words. Mark my words like Mark Twain."

Consider them marked, Kanye. Read the whole interview here.

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