Susan Sarandon Susan Sarandon

Lifetime's upcoming Marilyn Monroe miniseries hasn't yet cast its blonde bombshell lead, but it's found her mother.

Susan Sarandon will play Gladys Pearl Baker, Marilyn's mentally ill mother, E!News reports. Sarandon will have her hands full with plenty of material as the unstable mom, including hysterical stints at a mental hospital and an incident in which she allegedly stuffed a young Marilyn (aka Norma Jeane) into a duffel bag while taking her away from her foster parents.

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Sarandon recently visited television sets as a guest star on Mike & Molly and The Big C, but is best known for roles in films such as Bull Durham and Thelma & Louise.

Marilyn will be a four-hour miniseries based on the book The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe. It's set to premiere in 2015.  

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