Malcolm Freeburg, Jacob Young Malcolm Freeburg, Jacob Young

He's one of the most popular players in Survivor history but can he survive a job at Forrester Creations? TV Guide Magazine has learned that reality superstar Malcolm Freberg, who was robbed of a win on Survivor: Philippines, will appear on the CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful on Wednesday, Feb. 13. That's the same day his next Survivor outing, Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites, premieres on CBS.

"I was really nervous showing up at B&B — and not just because my only other acting experience was playing Ben Franklin back in fifth grade," cracks Freberg. "I thought the cast was going to hate me because they're a bunch of pros and this looks like a publicity stunt. But everyone was warm and wonderful. They made it really easy for me."

What's tougher, the jungles of Survivor or that jungle known as the acting biz? "I'll take acting anytime," Freberg says. "I got to do B&B wearing actual clothes. The studio is climate controlled. They fed me. It's so much nicer than Survivor!"

Freberg, a former bartender from Hermosa Beach, California, will appear in a scene set at the Forrester Creations fashion house with Kim Matula (Hope) and Emmy winner Jacob Young (Rick). "My character is a Forrester employee named Malcolm so clearly they didn't want to overtax me," Freberg says. "They also never made it clear exactly what he does at Forrester. If I didn't screw it up, maybe they'll invite me back and next time I can have actual duties."

Truth be told, the soap gig has Freberg's parents a little worried. "They were nervous enough about me clowning around in my underwear on Survivor, but B&B is a big deal to them and something that actually requires talent," he says. "My mom is really on pins and needles. She can't even get up the nerve to tell my grandma to tune in!"

Look for more on Freberg's suds debut in the Feb. 11 issue of TV Guide Magazine.

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