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Jon Misch and his girlfriend Jaclyn Schultz have been coasting through this season of Survivor, but sooner or later resting on their laurels is going to come back to bite them. At least, that's the hope of Alec Christy, who was the latest victim of Jon and Jaclyn's majority alliance vote on Wednesday.

"I really, really was working on Jon. He didn't know it at the time, but he needed me," Christy told "I told Jon, 'You need to make a move with me or you're going to be in trouble.' I looked him right in the eye and said that, and then he looked at me and said, 'I'm sorry. I trust them.' I think that might be a very telling moment here coming up."

With the finale just two weeks away, and with an unplayed immunity idol in Jon and Jaclyn's collective pocket, it seems almost certain that at least one of them will make it to the Final 3. Whether they'll be able to get any votes from the jury, however, seems unlikely.

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Read our full Q&A with Alec to find out about his "miserable" time on Exile Island, what he regrets about the way he played the game, and whether he was really flirting with Jaclyn.

It seems like you were never really able to get anything going against the majority alliance.
They were so conservative and so strong. ... It was frustrating to be out there and they're so comfortable with their fivesome. It was lame. I definitely didn't have a lot going for me [on Wednesday'sepisode], especially because of the big move we tried to make a couple episodes before, when we couldn't get Jon out. I lied to all five of them, so that kind of put me behind the eight ball for those next coming episodes. It put a target on my back, but it was a big move and if it worked, I think I would have had a lot more power in the game. It didn't go my way, but that was my move and after that, I still was playing really hard. But there was this comfort level in that fivesome of, I really trust them. That's pathetic. Especially because this is Survivor ... You can't be that comfortable when you're playing this game.

How frustrating is it to play against Jon and Jaclyn?
The fact that they are the big swing vote and they get all this airtime kind of pisses me off. They were just going through the motions, it seemed like. Even though Jon found two idols. Good for him, but I mean, other than that, it seemed like they were just going through the motions. ... I never really felt that comfortable out there, especially after the Merge, to where I was like, "We're gonna just slide through and I'm gonna get down for a Snickers bar after five minutes." There were so many factors that really showed how conservative and how not worried about a damn thing a lot of those people were.

Plus, you maybe feel like they're controlling your game and then they get in this lovers' quarrel ...  
Not even maybe. They definitely were. They were controlling my game. First of all, that feeling of being out there and having no control over what is happening, absolutely sucks. You can play the game, you can try and make big moves, you can try and win immunity. But still, when you're on the bottom of the game, you only can have so much control. And then, they're going to have this big Survivor fight? I mean, come on. I'm just like, save the drama for your mama. Get outta here. We're playing Survivor. We're playing for a million bucks. Shut up and keep playing.

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We didn't get to see any of your time on Exile Island.
If you don't find an idol on Exile, they don't show you, which kind of sucks. I was on Exile for two long, miserable days on Day 30. Going on a two-day Exile on Day 20 would be like, alright, that was rough. Like when Jeremy went. But my body was shutting down. It was intense. I opened the little jar to look at the rice that was gonna be my rice for the next two days, and I closed it and opened it again, like, that can't be real. You could see the bottom of the jar. I mean, it was scary. I'm out there, I've already lost, like, 25 pounds. I wish this season would have maybe done a little bit better of a job showing how intense Exile was, because a lot of good players got the axe right after Exile. Jeremy, WesDrew, I did. Exile really takes a toll on you and it separates you from the game, so I kind of wish there was a little bit more emphasis on that.

When you were getting emotional in your conversation withBaylor, was any of that genuine, or was that just a play?
Either way, it definitely worked, right? [Laughs] But I want to say it was probably a mix of both. I really was emotionally torn out there. I mean, you're out there and it's like, "Oh, mom, I love you." "Jaclyn, I love you baby." And I'm over here, it's me and Keith. You know what I'm saying? It's tough when you don't have an emotional connection with somebody out there and almost everyone else does. And evenNatalie, she still had Missy and Baylor who were kind of her girls. All my close guys that I talked to got the axe. So, it did take a toll on my emotions. I played that entire game, never talked to Drew one time.

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Yeah. Going back to Drew's elimination early on, what was your reaction when you didn't see him at the challenge?
I was disappointed. I wanted more from him than that. I knew that it was going to be on my shoulders. You know, how long can you last out here, Alec? It's a test against yourself now. Drew's gone. Just play for you now. When you travel across the world and you do all the interviewing and everything to get on the show with this person, and then they so easily get voted out, it's emotionally draining. You're like, "Damn, I'm alone now." ... Being out there with your loved one is just such an experience. I'm happy for all the people that got to do it. I unfortunately wasn't one of them. And neither was Natalie, but look at how she's doing. It's definitely crazy to go across the world with somebody and then, next thing you know, you're pulled from them and you're surrounded by strangers who, most of them you're not that fond of, at least while you're out there. You're playing this game and everybody's trying to beat you. The one person I had that I could truly trust is gone.

So, back to this week. Were you really surprised that people thought you were flirting with Jaclyn?
Whatever. Missy can say whatever she wants. I can't even trip about it. Did I flirt with Jaclyn? Maybe. Probably. But was it anything worth talking about? No. Absolutely not. Missy just wants to throw daggers, and that's alright. Jon wasn't even bothered by it at all, and he told me that. Missy is bothered. Sorry, Missy.

Is there anything you would have done differently?
Yes. I was a little bit narrow-minded the entire game, because I thought that the game plan that I had going was going to work and it was going to take me very far. Whenever that game plan didn't work, it was already almost too late because I had overlooked a couple people. So, maybe giving people the time of day no matter what, just in case I need them. I wish I would have done that a little bit more. Had I done that, things could have gone differently. ... Natalie gave me a chance to play with her and it flew over my head at the time. And then when I went back to make it happen, it was too late. So, definitely just playing the game as hard as you can, not overlooking anything. And obviously maybe don't tell these women that they're lazy, because apparently that's the rudest thing on earth.

It's clear that Jaclyn still harbors a grudge about you guys not talking to her while Jon was on Exile.
It's hard to play the game with somebody who you don't think is playing the game. But this is my issue. I still should have done that, even though in my head I was thinking, what benefit am I gonna get from talking to Jaclyn right now about Survivor?

Any final thoughts?
There's so much going on in the show that they don't show. I wish they would show just how hungry we really were. I mean, there was a lot of surviving going on that wasn't shown. Because that changes everything. When you're hungry and you're tired and you get rained on ... I was delusional, the whole time. Keeping it together wasn't easy. I guess I just wish that a couple of moves went my way, because I probably would not be talking to you right now.

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