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OK everyone, let's just breathe.

Tuesday's Supernatural finale more than lived up to the hype, giving fans the biggest cliff-hanger in the show's history: Dean (Jensen Ackles) died and came back to life... as a demon.


Yeah, I'm not OK either. But that doesn't mean I'm not excited by what Dean's transformation means for the show. I'm thrilled, frankly. I had previously expressed my hope that Supernatural would call it quits after next season, but after seeing this finale I have to give the writers credit. This twist proved just how far they're willing to go to keep the series fresh without jumping the shark.

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As for what happens next, I have no idea — but I do have hopes. Here's what I'd love to see for Demon Dean in Season 10:

Crowley as mentor: I love Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and I truly believe he loves Dean. And Dean has made his fair share of enemies over his lifetime — many of whom won't care about his newly lost humanity. So who better to have in your corner to both protect you and teach you about your new demon powers than the King of Hell, himself? The duo has such a great rapport and Crowley, who was partially cured by Sam in Season 8, has the (after)life experiences to help Dean resist going all Big Bad on us. While there have been episodes this season where Crowley's presence seemed a little forced, having Dean become a demon will give Crowley a new-found purpose next season. Not to mention, in retrospect, Crowley's human blood addiction might have been important after all, foreshadowing things Dean will consider or fall victim to in Season 10.

Dean to be cured... eventually: Last season we discovered there is a way to exorcise a demon. Of course, the process almost killed Sam. But if Moose were to find a way to complete the process safely, he would not only could get his brother back, but he could also finally complete the trials and close the gates of Hell. Win-win, right? (Though, if the gates of Hell were to be closed, I would hope Crowley would get stuck topside with the boys.) And while I really do pray that Dean get his humanity back, I don't want a quick fix like they threw together with Human Castiel. We've seen the Winchesters go through so much, but never anything on this scale. I'd love to see not only the way Dean were to be effected by the change, but also explore its effects on his and Sammy's relationship (which was just getting better. Can't we ever catch a break?!).

Holy Hell: After Sam and Dean, my favorite pair to watch together is Dean and Cas (Misha Collins), hands down. Now that Cas has admitted just how much he wants to stay an angel, I'm betting he'll find a way next season. How interesting would it be to watch an angel and a demon team up as hunters. Though, this could lead to Sam, the only remaining human on Team Free Will, being shut out of the big fights yet again. But I'm sure they can find a way around that. Destiel, you're out. Holy Hell, you're in.

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The return of Cain: If there is anyone who truly understands what Dean is going through, it's Cain (Timothy Omundsen). As the only other person who became a demon thanks to the Mark, he could provide Demon Dean with some much-needed council. Cain also asked Dean to kill him once Abaddon was vanquished, and it would be nice to see Cain get the closure in death he's always wished for.

Powers: Immortality, super-strength, telekinesis, teleporting, spells — being a demon comes with its fair share of perks. And don't forget, Cain isn't just an average demon: He's a Knight of Hell and far more powerful than the run-of-the-mill monsters. If I were to venture a guess, I'd bet that means Dean will be similarly powerful. If Dean inherits even a few of Cain's special abilities — smiting, immunity and biokinesis — he'll be nearly invincible. Think of the benefits these powers could have for Team Free Will! And how fun would it be to see Dean getting to play and experiment with all his new abilities, like a kid in a (very dangerous and evil) candy store? Unfortunately, being a demon also means Dean will likely have to give up on all those salty foods he loves.

Dean maintains some humanity: Though he's a Knight of Hell, Cain fell in love with a human and eventually retired from evil. He even hunted down the entire order and managed to kill all but Abaddon. That shows that it's more than possible for a demon to maintain some form of humanity. And after so many seasons of Winchester-vs.-Winchester bickering, I am in no way okay with Sam having to hunt his own brother. Please don't go full-evil on us, Dean!

The return of Savior Sam: Dean is always trying to do his best to keep Sam (Jared Padalecki) out of danger and alive, no matter what. And while Sam has gone to great lengths for his brother in the past, he swore earlier this season he'd let his brother go if it came down to it. (Though we saw how quickly that vow was forgotten.) Now, it's time for Sam to really step it up and be the one taking care of Dean, for once. Showing Dean, even as a demon, put that sort of faith and trust in Sam would also be a huge step forward in the brothers' relationship after so many years of secrets and lies.

Dean finds some peace: Becoming a demon is literally Dean's worst nightmare (as we saw in "Dream a Little Dream of Me"). This change won't be an easy pill for Dean to swallow, and the ramifications it will have on his self-worth and relationship with Sam are sure to be staggering. ("We keep each other human," after all is one of the things Dean values most about their codependency.) Conflict drives great television, but I don't know how much more Dean- angst I can handle. I'm hoping the writers will be able to find a way to give Dean some semblance of acceptance and — dare I say? — happiness next season, despite his new status.

Unfortunately, we're going to have to suffer through another seemingly endless Hellatus before we get to see exactly how Dean's transformation has changed him (and the show). But at least we still have Tumblr to help get us through.

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What did you think of the Supernatural finale? What are your hopes for Season 10?

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