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See If You Can Spot Every Supernatural Cameo in This Amazing Spoof

Jared and Jensen don't count!

Lindsay MacDonald

Who ya gonna call? WINCHESTERS!

After killing us with an epic Supernatural spoof in 2015, The Hillywood Show is back at it with another hilarious parody, and this time the list of guest stars is so insane it's practically a real episode of the CW drama. And not for nothing, but THIS version of Supernatural doesn't forget about Adam.

In a 10-minute spoof on Ghostbusters, the Winchesters -- Hilly Hindi appears as Dean (Jensen Ackles) while Osric Chau is Sam (Jared Padalecki) -- are armed with proton packs, salt, and a few additions to the Impala that border on sacrilege, but we'll go with it.

The musical is obviously a great bit of fun for Supernatural fans, but also for a very long list of current and former cast members who swung by for cameos -- including Jared and Jensen! We're still trying to count them all, but we're pretty sure this is the full list of guest appearances:

Supernatural: Michael's Possession of Dean Winchester Is a Game Changer

Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester)
Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester)
Misha Collins (Castiel)
Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer)
Osric Chau (Kevin Tran)
Alexander Calvert (Jack)
Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer)
Adam Fergus (Mick Davies)
Adam Rose (Aaron Bass)
Alaina Huffman (Abaddon)
Briana Buckmaster (Donna Hanscum)
Chad Lindberg (Ash)
Clif Kosterman (Tiny)
Curtis Armstrong (Metatron)
Julian Richings (Death)
Kim Rhodes (Jody Mills)
Lauren Tom (Linda Tran)
Richard Speight, Jr. (Gabriel)
Rob Benedict (Chuck/God)
Ruth Connell (Rowena)
Samantha Ferris (Ellen Harvelle)
Tahmoh Penikett (Gadreel)
Tyler Johnston (Samandriel/Alfie)
Jake Abel (Adam Milligan/Michael)

Supernatural returns for Season 14 on Thursday, Oct. 11 at 8/7c on The CW.

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