Steve Harrington's hair has become as iconic on Stranger Things as Eleven's frozen waffles and the demagorgon's toothy face. There was even a whole Sesaon 2 arc devoted to him giving Dustin a big brotherly tutorial on achieving the perfect poof, and let's not overlook the fact that you can't even spell his last name without the word "hair."

So, it's hard to imagine any scenario where those locks could get lopped off without Stranger Things fans stoking some kinda #JusticeForStevesBob backlash.

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But Joe Keery sees a future where he doesn't have his signature locks on-screen anymore.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the actor wrote on co-star David Harbour's Instagram that if he wins the Golden Globe this year — Harbour's been nominated for Best Supporting Actor — Keery will let the Duffer Brothers shave his head.

It's not clear whether he means on-screen or before the return of the show for its third season, but either way, it's a pretty frightening concept to think of Steve without his mane.

Who knew Keery could give Stranger Things fans a reason to root against Harbour all of a sudden? At least if he does win, and we do indeed lose the visual luster of Steve's hair, fans will still get to see the dance.