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This Office Reunion on SNL Is the Closest Thing We're Getting to a Reboot

Ellie Kemper, Ed Helms, and Jenna Fischer join Steve Carell on-stage for his opening monologue

Amanda Bell

For his opening monologue,Saturday Night Livehost Steve Carell might've hoped to let everyone know about his new movie Beautiful Boy or his upcoming TV turn as a morning show host that's fading into irrelevance, but instead he had to talk about The Office. Of course.

One after one, audience members -- including members of the principle SNL and The Office cast -- lined up to ask when he'd bring Michael Scott back to the small screen, and he was not excited about the prospect.

"It would be like if someone wanted you to reboot Kenan and Kel," he said in response to Kenan Thompson's suggestion that The Office needs to join the Hollywood recycling project. "That would be an honor," Thompson replied in earnest (considering he's already reuniting with Kel Mitchell for the Double Dare reboot, he's probably serious about that).

When Carell tried to reiterate his long-held position that an Office reboot would be a terrible idea because he didn't "think that would be as good this time around," show star Ellie Kemper, nearing the end of her stint as Kimmy Schmidt stepped in to say, "People would really love to see an Office reboot. 'Cause I need that money. Let's get that money, Steve."

Kemper got a huge assist when Ed Helms then popped up to add, "I don't think you understand how much money we're talking about. Like, you wouldn't have to do any of those sad movies anymore."

If that wasn't convincing enough, Jenna Fischer then joined in on the chorus, too, saying, "Do you remember the last words Pam secretly said to Michael before leaving for Denver? ... She said, 'Steve, don't be a dick, do the reboot.'"

The real kicker came when Carell's own wife and children sounded off with their support for him joining an Office reboot. And yet ... crickets. So, we continue to wait [cue the Jim jazz hands GIF].