It hasn't been that long since we saw the cast of The Office get back together — just a few months ago, Steve Carell's opening monologue on Saturday Night Live became a mini-reunion — but every time they reunite in front of the cameras it just feels right.

Such was the case on Tuesday's episode of Busy Tonight, when Jenna Fischer celebrated her birthday a little early by opening packages from her co-stars. The biggest gift, saved for last, was Steve Carell himself.

Ellie Kemper sent Fischer raisin crisps to commemorate a massive pig-out session they had together on the set of the show, and BFF Angela Kinsey sent her a bread shirt that she just so happened to be Googling when she got a call from Busy Philips about this surprise. Ed Helms even sent along a banjo to remind her of all his mid-shoot jam sessions with Creed Bratton.

But nothing could compare to the shock and visible glee Fischer experienced when her old pal Steve Carell popped up to wish her a happy birthday in person.

D'aw. The surprise was meant as a gift for his co-star, but obviously it was just as much of a treat for The Office fans. And since Carell is probably still not sold on the idea of a proper revival for the Dunder Mifflin crew, this — at least for now — is the only kind of Office reunion we're getting.

The Office is streaming now on Netflix.

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