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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Breaks Down That DNC Roll Call With Help From Elizabeth Warren

But he had some notes on Joe Biden's choice of celebration song

Allison Picurro

Was the virtual DNC roll call across America the first time something sparked joy for you in, oh, five to six months? Stephen Colbert clearly felt similarly, if his delighted reaction to it during hisLate Show monologue is anything to go by. Colbert, who's hosting a week of live shows to cover the Democratic National Convention, took some time to break down the many state-specific quirks of the roll call, calamari and all.

He ran through the ways a few different delegates announced their state's support of Joe Biden and, most interestingly, made their 60 seconds of the roll call their own. Pete Buttigieg, for example, delivered Indiana's votes "in front of where they do surgery on the Westworld pleasure bots." Colbert poked some fun at the Michigan delegates, who represented their state in front of a row of cars, referred to Nevada's eclectic group as "the Village People," and made some suggestions for the New York delegates' "It's Joe-time!" catchphrase ("When they go high, we go Joe," was one of them).

Late-Night Hosts Can't Resist Making Fun of the Virtual DNC

Colbert also couldn't resist taking a moment to laugh at the "shouting white guy in a field" who delivered Ohio's votes, but the real fun came to when he got to the Rhode Island delegates, who came prepared with a full plate of calamari. "I thought calamari comeback was something that happens after you fried squid that's been sitting out in the sun too long," Colbert joked.

But the host had some notes on Joe Biden's choice of celebration song — which was, in fact, "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang. "That's a missed opportunity," Colbert admonished. "Today's the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote, if you're going with Kool and the Gang, it's gotta be, oh yes, it's ladies' night!"

Colbert's guest, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (accompanied by her very good dog, Bailey), was also impressed by the roll call, which she's "never been big on" before this year. "This is what democracy is," she said. "This is people who built grassroots all around our country and then chose delegates, and they all would've gone to Milwaukee, but they gave us a little glimpse of who they are." Cheers to that!