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Late-Night Hosts Can't Resist Making Fun of the Virtual DNC

Although Michelle Obama's speech did have one host missing his punchlines

Allison Picurro

The first night of the 2020 DNC is behind us, and naturally, the late-night hosts couldn't resist taking some shots at the virtual event. It's hard not to make fun of some of the pitfalls and oddities of the night, like the reaction shots that lingered for a few seconds too long, or speakers not knowing which camera to look in, or John Kasich standing on a dirt road.

Over at theLate Show, Stephen Colbert was in his element hosting a special live version of his usual show, coming prepared with his Bernie Sanders impression and a lot of jokes about just how long he's been stuck in his home. Amid all the clowning, though, Colbert made sure to note how inspired the first night of the DNC left him feeling, seeming hopeful about the future of the election. That feeling, though, was not entirely mutual at The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. "We all have to admit that a convention that takes place over Zoom just doesn't have the same juice," Noah said.

Check out how late-night hosts covered the first night of the DNC below.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

In addition to a newTooning Out the News segment, Colbert delivered a live show from his home and seemed to have the most positive feelings about the DNC of all the late-night hosts. "This feels like the real beginning of the election," he said at the top of the night. "A chance for the American people to do the work that our elected officials failed to do for the past for years: hold Donald Trump accountable." He added, "It's a little bit like we're in the middle of a road trip, and we finally realize Dad's lost and we have to take the wheel. And also send Dad to jail for stealing the car."

Colbert joked about some of his favorite moments of the night ("It was the most beautiful and moving Gap ad ever," he said of the performance of the national anthem) and couldn't get enough of poking fun at the many reaction shots from "everyday Americans," but he was still left speechless after Michelle Obama's rousing speech. "I'll be honest with you," he said. "My job is to have a joke for every time somebody says anything in public. After watching Michelle Obama's speech, I have never been more happy to fail at my job."

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah admitted right away that, although he had planned on watching the first night of the DNC, "I was in a bus fight in Ghost of Tsushima, and by the time I beat it, it was too late." He was less jazzed about the evening than Colbert, pointing out that the obvious message of the night was to show off the appeal of Joe Biden across the full political spectrum. "Joe Biden's basically the Cheerios of presidential candidates," he joked. "He's not the most exciting option, but deep down, you know he's good for you."

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

In his Tonight Showmonologue, Jimmy Fallon quipped, "Nothing quite fires up Americans like long speeches over Zoom." He also ran through the night's lineup, calling out speeches from Sally Yates and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and imagining a world where Chuck Schumer tries to make his remarks but instead just spends 10 minutes trying to fix his wifi connection. "Sounds like a big night," Fallon joked.

The Democratic National Convention will continue on Tuesday night. Find out more about how to watch right here.