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A Station 19 Blizzard Tragedy Will Introduce Us to a New Side of Travis

Plus, here's how a firehouse baby could fix everything

Megan Vick

A blizzard is heading for Seattle on TGIT, which means the brave men and women of the Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy will be teaming up to fight another disaster. Station 19 will lead the first hour of the upcoming crossover event, with most of the team stuck at the firehouse, trying to keep people who have been displaced in the storm safe until the weather clears up.

"Station 19 kind of opens its doors to the public to allow as many people to seek shelter as possible, but the problem is, emergencies are still happening," Jay Hayden, who plays Travis Montgomery on the show, teased to TV Guide ahead of the episode. "Our team kind of has to deal with that, while dealing with a lot more bodies in the station."

The influx of bodies does create some humor within the hour, but as with all big events in the Grey's universe, there will be tragedy as well. Travis ends up trying to help a woman stuck in the storm, and it conjures up a lot of feelings about his own past relationships. The firefighter has already had a pretty tough season after losing a patient in the first episode. The blizzard isn't exactly going to alleviate the stress and anger he's been trying to process.

"I think I think this episode will be really tough. I think it'll be a really hard event for Travis to get through because it'll bring up a lot of old memories for him," the actor explained. "A lot of issues that he dealt with when he was younger that he'll have to deal with now in this emergency. I don't know if he'll be better off moving forward, but I know he he will grow. He will grow during this episode."

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The silver lining to Travis examining his past relationships is that we'll get to see flashbacks of Travis with his husband Michael (Jonathan Bennett) before he died. According to Hayden, there's a lightness to Travis in those glimpses that we haven't really seen from his character before.

"It's nice to see a little more of [Travis]' tender side, the way he interacts with Michael -- the guy that we've been talking about for two seasons. We finally get up put to get to put a face on him and kind of see what that relationship was like, and maybe see a different a different part of Travis that changed a lot once Michael died," Hayden said.

As emotional as Travis' journey is in the episode, though, he's not the only one going through things. JJ (Brenda Song) will also go into labor, and Hayden is hopeful that a new baby could help unite currently divided firehouse.

"There's so many relationships, and people covering up their relationships, and lying to each other and themselves," he said. "I don't know how we're going to add a baby into this mix, but maybe a firehouse baby is exactly what we all need."

Cheers to that, sir.

Station 19 airs Thursdays at 8/9c on ABC.

Jay Hayden, Station 19​

Jay Hayden, Station 19

Byron Cohen, ABC