Stanley Tucci, <EM>3 LBS</EM> Stanley Tucci, 3 LBS

Emmy winner Stanley Tucci (Winchell), also well known for his big-screen stints in such hits as Big Night and this summer's The Devil Wears Prada, makes his debut this Tuesday night at 10 pm/ET as brilliant but brash neurosurgeon Doug Hanson in the new CBS medical drama 3 LBS — a reference to the weight of the average human brain. Tucci allowed us to pick his a bit.

TV Guide: With all the medical shows on TV, what was it about this one appealed to you?
Stanley Tucci: I thought it was intelligently written, and I liked [executive producer] Peter Ocko right off... his sensibility and humor. And I liked the character.

TV Guide: What about Hanson, specifically?
Tucci: His mysteriousness. I like the fact that he doesn't have a very pleasant bedside manner... that he is incredibly passionate about what he does, but is not necessarily a passionate person.

TV Guide: Would you let him treat you?
Tucci: In a second!

TV Guide: He's kind of a harsh character. When you play him, do you try to make him likable to the audience?
Tucci: I don't think you can try to be likable. You can only be who you are. Having played two of the most unlikable characters in history, Walter Winchell and Adolf Eichmann [in the HBO films Winchell and Conspiracy], my concern is not whether my character is likable.... But I want him to be watchable.

TV Guide: What's so appealing about cantankerous leads? There are obviously shades of House in Hanson.
When someone is just so nice and so accessible, really it's very boring. Isn't it more interesting to want to try to crack the hardest nut? You're just dying to find out what's inside it.

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