Governor Eliot Spitzer by Jemal Countess/ Governor Eliot Spitzer by Jemal Countess/

The outing of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer as a frequenter of a high-class call-girl racket gave late-night talk hosts plenty to work with on Tuesday. Riffing on the Emperor Club's infamous "Client 9," Conan O'Brien noted, "Not surprisingly, Clients 1 through 8 were Charlie Sheen." (Good!) Said Stephen Colbert, "I sat next to the guy three times and I didn't pick up on any of this, and I usually have excellent whore-dar." (Not bad.) Contributed Jay Leno, "The hooker said Spitzer was done in a New York minute." (Crickets/groans/fumbling for Ensure.)

And while David Letterman got in his own jabs - "It's so sunny and bright outside that earlier today, Eliot Spitzer came out of a brothel squinting" - the Late Show host got serious once he had settled behind his desk, saying that Spitzer "should have just stepped down.... Get out of the office. Who is running the state, for the love of god?" Dave said the governor should not sort out his life on the public dime, but rather "go down to the Mayflower Hotel" - Spitzer's rendezvous spot of choice - "and figure it out there."

That said, for a second straight night Letterman's Top 10 was Spitzer-themed, citing messages left on the disgraced politician's answering machine. Coming in at No. 1: "It's Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thanks. I'm no longer America's creepiest governor."

[UPDATE: Spitzer announced Wednesday that he will resign as governor of New York effective Monday, March 17, 2008. ]

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