"You spin me right 'round baby, right 'round." Sorry, that song is stuck in my head because every week this very divided house gets turned upside-down when a new Head of Household takes charge. This week we went from the very, um, enthusiastic Janelle  to the so-far-silent (except when under the influence of alcohol) Beau. Janelle was on a successful mission to get rid of Jennifer, who infamously betrayed Kaysar. She and her pal Howie spent her 48-hour reign swearing and gloating and plotting and calling April "Busto." What will Beau, who has mostly flown under the radar and just hung his so-called fashionable self on Ivette's coattails, actually do? It should be interesting. Speaking of Ivette, how did she become tolerable compared to April? I guess it is all about contrast, the same way that James is now golden and out of the line of fire since there are bigger fish to fry in the house. I was so hoping he'd win HOH and thus be forced to pick a side, but I seriously think he has a good chance of winning this whole shebang.