Smurfs Smurfs

What the Smurf, Sony?

We've been waiting in anticipation for a first look at the new 3-D Smurfs movie, but instead you've given us the tease of all teases.

The new trailer — introduced by star Neil Patrick Harris in front of what looks like a department store makeup counter — starts out with your typical  deep-voiced announcer and a rather ominous score. From there, we see various global landmarks getting "Smurf'd" (turning blue). And then we land in New York City with Tone Loc's "Wild Thing" bumpin' in the background.

The trailer does, however, provide a glimpse as to what the modern-day boys in blue will look like as computer-animated beings. But don't blink or you'll miss Papa Smurf and his shaggy beard.

The Smurfs is scheduled to hit theaters Aug. 3, 2011.

Watch the video: