Kristin Kreuk and Tom Welling, <EM>Smallville</EM> Kristin Kreuk and Tom Welling, Smallville

Is Clark Kent a killer? Why was there no follow-up to the latest Clark-Chloe kiss? And when might Clark's wardrobe become a bit more... super? In the second of three installments, executive producer Al Gough fields readers' burning questions about Smallville (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET, CW).

We've yet to get a glimpse of Clark Kent, journalist, on this show. When are we going to welcome Clark to the bullpen? — shalimarfox80
Al Gough:
Not this season, but Lois will be joining the "Planet" staff full time.

Superman's moral stance on killing is very clear in the comic books. Do you believe that there is more flexibility in Clark's moral code before he becomes Superman, or is there a philosophy you have developed for these circumstances? — SueB62
Gough: A great question. We were told up front by DC Comics that Clark couldn't kill anyone. Now I can hear the fans going, "But in that episode.... " The fact is we adopted a policy from the start that the villain had to fall on their own sword, or die by circumstances beyond Clark's control. I've heard lots of arguments in early episodes that Clark did "kill" someone, but the fact is he hasn't and he won't. Now, when it comes to aliens and Zoners and Zod (whom in the comics, Superman did kill with Kryptonite) the rules are a little fuzzier, but the tenet remains — Superman (and by extension, Clark) doesn't set out to kill anyone. Believe me, it makes for some very interesting discussions in the writers room.

What is the status of having Michael McKean back as Perry White? He was great! — prisonerofgod
We'd love to have him back, but he is an extremely busy actor!

Why did Season 5 end with the Chloe-Clark kiss in the "Daily Planet" if there were no plans to follow through? — frellingtralk
Gough: The world was ending, and Chloe didn't think she'd see him again. The fact is, she will always have feelings for Clark, even though she knows they will never be more than friends.

I know Allison [Mack, Chloe] will be directing an episode. Will either Michael [Rosenbaum] or Tom [Welling] be directing this season? — Misty
Allison is [directing an episode], and we are very excited. Tom will be directing again as well. Michael wanted to, but he recently had back surgery and opted out. [Executive producer] Miles [Millar] and I have always been supportive of the actors directing, and think both Tom and Michael have given us great episodes. We expect the streak to continue with Allison!

Why do you believe the Lex/Lana/Clark triangle was such a big success, even though it upset many fans? — duskwillow
Because people are so invested in these characters. That is the great thing about Smallville fans — they are passionate about the show and the characters. Miles and I take so much crap online for various decisions, and the fact is it makes me smile, because people still care. I think the fact that Lex and Lana divided so many people is a testament to that. It is the core triangle of the show, and the fact that it was on slow burn for five seasons just added to the furor.

Are we ever going to see [hard evidence] of Lex's genius-level intellect? — thevar
Good question. Hadn't really thought about it, but it is something to consider.

Will Lois and Kara become friends this season? — mcvs2104
Gough: Eventually they will; she is, after all, Clark's cousin, and Lois has a soft spot for the Kents (or the Els if she really knew where they were from!).

Is Erica Durance going to appear more this season? Her Lois Lane is the most faithful incarnation I have ever seen on screen and her appearing so little is starting to hurt the character's development. — medliana
Gough: Thanks, that is great to hear. I believe you will be seeing more of Lois this season, although she won't be in every episode.

I know about the romantic restrictions on Lois and Clark [being a couple on Smallville], but is there a restriction on one or the other starting to have nonplatonic feelings? Such as Clark starting to like Lois more but keeping it to himself? — Superman_Beyond
Gough: Shhhhhh! You're spoiling the end of the season!

Hi, I'm from Argentina. I love the show. It's my favorite! Well, I have a question/comment for you: Do you think Clark needs a change of clothes urgent[ly]? I think Tom Welling is the most beautiful man, but he always wears the same clothes. He can continue using the red and blue colors, but he can use different clothes, I think. – lulitasmv89
Seeing that you are from such a fashionable country, I completely understand where you are coming from. But the fact is, Clark is an organic farmer in Kansas who doesn't make that much money, so there isn't a lot of time devoted to fashion. That's what all of his evil alter egos (Kal, Bizzaro, Red Clark) focus on. Believe it or not, we get more inquiries on "Where can I get those red-and-blue jackets" than we get cast-autograph requests! The fact is, we bought them in bulk and had to dye them ourselves. (Well, not me personally, but our incredibly talented costume designer.)

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