Smallville Smallville

It's been nearly a year since Smallville signed off, but the adventures of Clark Kent and friends are continuing thanks to DC Comics. The latest chapter of the digital comic book Smallville Season 11 comes out Friday with Oliver Queen — a.k.a. Green Arrow — taking center stage.

Here's the official description for this chapter in the opening "Guardian" arc: The season premiere event continues: Oliver and Chloe, on a hunt in the heartland... or are they the hunted? Lois is caught in the crossfire as Superman confronts Lex about last issue's disastrous climax... Henshaw's condition takes a turn for the worse...

Scripted by Bryan Q. Miller, who was a writer on the TV series, with art by Pere Perez, Smallville Season 11: Guardian #3 will be available starting at 2 p.m./ET at A printed collection goes on sale Wednesday, May 2.

DC Comics has provided TV Guide Magazine an exclusive first look at three pages from this week's chapter. Check them out right now!

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