Question: Any additional info on the casting of Doomsday or the new female villain on Smallville

Answer: As luck would have it, the official casting breakdowns went out last week, and here are the highlights:

• Real name: Davis Bloome
• He's in his mid-20s.
• He works as a bartender at the hip new Metropolis lounge Ace of Clubs (get it?).
• He plays down his smoldering good looks with a self-effacing wit and down-to-earth soulfulness. But he has long felt like an outsider (hence his nickname). And beneath his charismatic, easy-going demeanor lies a brooding sense of isolation and insecurity. When he begins to delve into the haunting mysteries of his true origins, a darker truth begins to emerge, one of blood and serial murders, one of survival and utter destruction one in which he is forced to confront the true evil inside of him."

• Drop-dead gorgeous (duh)
• Roughly 28 years old
• She's determined, sexy, vengeful and has super-strength.
• "While Lex is away, she is in control of his estate and rules it with aggression. She's had intellect and the confidence all her life, though it's obvious she's had some training from Lex as well. But as much as Lex has helped fortify her power, he is also her biggest weakness. She harbors an undying devotion to Lex, claiming he saved her life a few years ago. She carries out his wishes with coercion, force, seduction anything to get what she wants. And no one can resist her beguiling ways. Even Clark Kent. She doesn't remember anything before the day she met Lex. Once she realizes her previous life is buried below the surface, she's desperate to dig it up."