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TV's most insane drama is back! After a finale that introduced the world to Zombie George Washington, somehow Sleepy Hollow has found a way to up the ante even more for its sophomore season.

While there are certain things we won't give away — like what's next for Irving (Orlando Jones) now that he's locked up — check out what stars Tom Mison,Nicole BeharieKatia WintersJohn Noble and executive producers Len Wiseman and Mark Goffman revealed about the impending apocalypse, whose relationship is on the outs and who might be falling for Headless!

1. Getting Abbie out of Purgatory won't be easy:  While Wiseman wouldn't reveal how long Abbie would be stuck in limbo, he did reveal that Abbie doesn't submit to Purgatory's tricks without a fight. "It's about fighting it off to where you're not giving in to it. You're not succumbing to its tricks and all the things that it's luring you with," Wiseman tells But Abbie will have one friend to help her survive her time in Purgatory — the season premiere will welcome back John Cho as the smitten, but still demonic, Brooks!

2. Abbie and Ichabod's bond will be tested: The pair might have been brought together by fate, but that doesn't mean their partnership is happily ever after. Once the duo is reunited, their priorities don't exactly line up. "That's where it becomes a real struggle between those characters, because obviously Abbie and her clarity for going after Henry like he needs to be destroyed is obviously going to be more focused than Crane and Katrina," Wiseman explains. Not to mention that once Katrina's plan and loyalties are added to the mix, she will drive yet another "wedge between Crane and Abbie."

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3. No one knows what to do about Henry: Now that they've discovered the fate of their son, Katrina and Crane are troubled over how to proceed. "Do you appeal to your son? Or do you fight the Horseman of War?" Mison says of Crane's dilemma. But for Katrina, it's an easy choice. "She's trying really hard to get through to him. She believed there's something good in him, something human left in her son," Winter says.

Not only will our heroes have to grapple with Henry being the Horseman of War on an emotional level, but on a practical one as well. Early in the season, Henry will reappear in Sleepy Hollow as a lawyer for part of an all-new plan to raise Moloch. "He's not taking over as this overall powerful demon, but much more working himself into our culture," Wiseman teases.

4. You might start to feel for Headless — Katrina sure does: In keeping with its history of finding the human within the monstrous, Sleepy Hollowdives more into Abraham and Katrina's jilted love story this year. Now that she's been captured, Katrina is able to see Headless for the person he once was, head and all. 

"It almost appears that she's got Stockholm Syndrome," Noble remarks. "It almost appears that she's fallen for him, which works like a dream in the show. And I sort of get involved in that, as well. And she's prepared to sacrifice herself when necessary."

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5. You'll (finally!) start to understand Ichabod and Katrina's relationship:Katrina being stuck in Purgatory for the entire first season meant that it was a little hard for viewers to understand the love between her and Crane — especially with all the great scenes we got between Crane and Abbie!

"I was missing that for Season 1, moments between Crane and Katrina which explained why they were so happy and so in love," Winters says. "And even though there are those issues, there are still going to be moments where they can finally breathe and be together and you can see the chemistry between them."

However, now that they're both on Earth, the pair has a lot of baggage to work out. "They never had the big conversation yet, which is, just start from the beginning that she's a witch. And all of the lies that she had to tell when they were actually together," Wiseman says.

6. Katrina will finally get to show off her powers: What's the point in having a witch on your side if she doesn't do any magic? Fortunately, Winters promises we'll get to see Katrina show off her powers, though it won't come easily to her right away. "Henry has affected her powers and she's going to have to work to get them back now that she's here on Earth," Wiseman says.

7. The path to victory is a dangerous one: As a means of fighting Headless and rescuing Katrina, the duo decides to fight fire with fire by creating a monster of their own — using the Horseman's head! 

"When you're creating a monster as formidable as the Horseman himself, what are the dangers? What are the costs to us?" Goffman says. But while the Kindred might be dangerous, he's also "a hell of a lot of fun," according to Wiseman. "It's a bit of our chance to do a kind of Frankenstein Horseman."

8. Abbie's past comes back in a big way: Producers have been waiting to get into Abbie's history for a while and now that they have their chance, don't expect them to skimp on the details. "We sort of start to unearth what's going on with her family, her mother, her sister, her history, how she came to be a witness, how [Abbie and Ichabod are] connected. And I think in the process of doing that, they realize what's making them stronger in a way," Beharie reveals.

But in order to discover the truth about her past, Wiseman reveals Abbie must "go to some really dark places."

Sleepy Hollow returns Monday at 9/8c on Fox.


(Additional reporting by Hanh Nguyen and Adam Bryant)

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