With Abbie (Nicole Beharie) gone (RIP), Sleepy Hollow is undergoing a serious reboot for its fourth season, which moves the story from New York to Washington, D.C.

After stumbling upon a new apocalyptic threat in D.C., Ichabod (Tom Mison) decides to relocate in order to save the world and continue his hunt fore the next Witness. The equally bereaved Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) joins Ichabod in D.C where they discover a team of new allies who will help them on this daunting journey.

Check out the new heroes — and villains — joining Sleepy Hollow below!

Diana Thomas (Janina Gavankar)
Although she can never replace Abbie, Diana will be taking on the role of Ichabod's new partner when Sleepy Hollow returns. A single mom and special agent, Diana is more than skeptical when she meets Ichabod and he begins talking about demons and magic. However, Diana is drawn deeper into Ichabod's world after her own partner is killed by a demon. As Diana's eyes are opened to the mass, historical paranormal conspiracies that penetrate our nation's capital, she discovers her mission to help people is bigger than she ever imagined, raising questions over whether Diana is — or may be connected to — the next Witness.

Molly Thomas (Oona Yaffe)
This former MasterChef Junior contestant will play Diana's 10-year-old daughter, whose curiosity and adventurous attitude quickly bonds her with Ichabod. Although Molly is young, she is mature beyond her years and knows how to fend for herself (a handy skill since Molly is a bit of a troublemaker). When the show picks up, Molly is also struggling with a condition that has left her mute, although she does her use artistic skills to speak volumes.

A familiar face is returning to Sleepy Hollow for Season 4

Jake Wells (Jerry MacKinnon)
With the Archives all the way back in Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod needed a new home base to conduct his research from. Fortunately, he found just that in the Vault, an organization George Washington founded to document weird phenomena. There Ichabod meets an eager employee, Jake, who is more than ready to help Ichabod in the fight against evil after having read about Crane for years.

Alex Norwood (Rachel Melvin)
Another Vault employee, Alex focuses more on artifacts and machines as opposed to news and information, which is Jake's forte. And while her brash attitude may be off-putting to many, this self-taught engineer's skills and improvising weapons make her a crucial ally to Crane and Diana.

Malcolm Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies)
The Justified alum stars as this season's big bad, Malcolm Dreyfuss, an eccentric, ruthless billionaire businessman who uses his substantial wealth to orchestrate an elaborate plot to conquer other worlds. In order to achieve this dream, Malcolm will do anything, including kill, unleash demons into D.C. and even try to recruit Headless to work for him! Malcolm's exploitation of democracy and capitalism to pursue evil also represents a total perversion of everything Ichabod and the founding fathers fought so valiantly for, making him a perfect foil for our revolutionary hero.

Jobe (Kamar de los Reyes)
De los Reyes, who recently appeared in Castle and Kingdom, plays Drefyuss' stoic bodyguard whose duty it is to stop people from getting in the way of his boss' evil plans, putting him directly at odds with Crane.

Logan MacDonald (Robbie Kay)
The Once Upon a Time alum will appear in a recurring capacity as Logan MacDonald, an internet star beloved by young girls everywhere (including Diana's daughter Molly).

Sleepy Hollow returns Friday at 9/8c on Fox.