Sleeper CellThose poor puppies. I know these are terrorists and their ultimate plan is to kill many, many civilians (probably at a baseball game and maybe by using bubbles, based on Sunday's episode) but the defenseless little animals? That's just wrong. I had to double-check the credits for the "no animals were harmed" mention before I could get a good night's sleep. I was happy to see that Darwyn still takes good care of his mama even though it has gotten hard to visit home when you are constantly trying to hide your identity from those puppy-murdering terrorists. As for the news that his bed buddy has a husband... well that is just one more reason he should stay away from her... at least until he's done with this case. If I learned anything from

Jerry Maguire, it was not to fall for a woman just because she has a cute kid. Nothing against Gayle, she seems fine and obviously doesn't mind dating an ex-con since she's married to a jailbird, but doesn't it seem like Darwyn should just focus on his work and get rid of this threat ASAP? But Darwyn wasn't the only one engaging in some extracurricular activities. Christian had adult relations with Tommy's mom and then had the nerve to tell Tommy about it. Their little rivalry doesn't bode well for the success of the operation. And Tommy is off trying to promote his cause by bashing in the heads of people who promote other religions. Nice. Just another messed-up day in the neighborhood.

Angel Cohn

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