Jenna Elfman and Josh Randall, <EM>Courting Alex</EM> Jenna Elfman and Josh Randall, Courting Alex
Skating with CelebritiesIt's the first elimination round. One team skates off the rink forever, without the benefit of America's votes. (Take that, Dancing with the Stars!) New technical requirement: synchronized footwork. Theme: the '70s.

Kristy and Lloyd: I love how they keep calling her a "movie actress." Don't know why, I just get a kick out of it. This week, Buffy is resurrected in the eyes of the judges. The pair connects. They wear cool headbands (not!). They get the highest score for the evening: 50.7.

Dave and Nancy: I'm not sure, but if you clocked them, I believe they may have performed the slowest spins in recorded history. A definite letdown from last week. Score: 47.4.

Bruce and Tai: These Olympians were idolized in the '70s. Sir CrankyPants says they're not as fit as they were back then. Harsh. True, but harsh. Score: 49.

Jillian and John: Jillian suffers with a groin injury. So how does the pair deal with Jillian's nagging injury? John carries her around for half of the routine. One lift after another after another. Then the judges pretend like they were disappointed with their effort. Yet, they still got the second-highest score: 50.4.

Kurt and Deborah: The Canadian and the former Electric Youth skate to Grease's "You're the One that I Want." Not much of a stretch for the girl who's played Sandy and Rizzo on the stage. They're better this week, but if it had been me, I would have subtracted points for Deborah's American Idol-ism. She actually says she's now "in it to win it." They get my weekly "boooo"  again! Score: 48.3.

Todd and Jenni: The big afro does nothing for Todds grace. He wipes out after attempting some intricate footwork. And by "intricate," I mean putting one foot in front of another. Unfortunately, the judges have no choice but to freeze these two out for good. Score: 47.9.