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Simpsons Producers Clarify on Twitter: No, Marge and Homer Aren't Getting Divorced

After all these years, they still choo-choo-choose each other.

Jessica Roy

D'oh! Turns out Homer and Marge still choo-choo-choose one another, despite the rumors.

Earlier this week, in an interview with Variety, executive producer Al Jean said that the Simpson patriarch and matriarch will separate in an upcoming episode. The Internet promptly freaked out.

But the show's producers have clarified on Twitter that a separation is not the same thing as a divorce, and having it as part of one episode's story line certainly doesn't mean it's a permanent move for the Springfield clan, as TVLine reported.

Is one of TV's greatest couples splitting up?

"What's great about internet age is now media don't need to see something to review it," Jean tweeted Wednesday. "I DIDN'T SAY Homer and Marge are breaking up I said they are BIGGER THAN JESUS."

Then he retweeted this from the main @TheSimpsons account:

"RT and stop the rumors!" the tweet read, along with a photo of Bart scrawling "Homer and Marge are not breaking up" on his iconic detention chalkboard.

Besides, as TVLine (and many diehard Simpsons fans) have pointed out, Marge and Homer have broken up before. In Season 8 of The Simpsons, Homer realized that he was a terrible husband and legally divorced Marge so that he could remarry her in a surprise wedding in their living room. In Season 20, we learned that a clerical error nullified that second wedding, requiring them to re-remarry.

So ay caramba, people, relax.

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