Just returned from ABC's upfront presentation and soiree at Lincoln Center and I wanted to share with you the good news: I came face-to-face with Grey's Anatomy information Nazi Shonda Rhimes and guess what? We didn't come to blows! Quite the opposite, actually. We had a nice little chat about Monday's action-packed season finale and the show's big move to Thursday night. And I even got up the courage to ask her something about next season. Now that's guts, my friends.

Ausiello: Was it a difficult decision to kill off Denny?
Shonda Rhimes:
Well, he was written to die. I knew what was going to happen when we created the character. But it was hard because he became such a part of our cast. Everybody loved him. Sweetest guy. He and Izzie have this amazing chemistry. And I personally was like, "He's my imaginary husband! He can't die!" It was necessary for the arc of the Izzie character and where she was going and what was going to happen to her for that moment to happen.

Ausiello: Did you ever worry that you were taking her meltdown and the whole cutting-the-chord thing too far? I kept thinking, "How will she ever be able to keep her job after this!"
No, because I know what's going to happen next. Everything's planned, all next season. There's a plan involved in everything. So, no, I didn't ever feel like we were going too far because that was the moment I've been leading her to all season long.

Ausiello: Do you have a personal favorite moment from the finale?
I'm really partial to the [Derek-Meredith] love scene, which was beautiful. [Director] Mark Tinker shot a beautiful love scene. And Patrick and Ellen both had a lot of fun and threw themselves into it. And also because of what it meant for Meredith and Derek. And I love the scene with the monologues, where everyone sits and talks to [the Chief]. Sandra Oh was unbelievable. They all were. The whole cast was better than I've ever seen them before.

Ausiello: How long is Kate Walsh sticking around?
Addison is here to stay. Addison is here to stay because I love Kate Walsh, and I feel like she brings something to the show in a way that was completely unexpected. We started out saying five or six episodes, and then I just kept on writing for her. She's too amazing. She's part of the family now.

Ausiello: I hear McSteamy (Eric Dane) is coming back. I know you don't like to talk about the future, but can you at least confirm that?
I don't know that. And if I did I couldn't tell you.

Ausiello: How do you feel about the move to Thursday night?
I'm very excited about it. I think it's going to be a challenge and I am not going to complain about the fact that [ABC president] Steve McPherson thinks our show is that good.

Ausiello: You'll be as involved next season?
I can't go anywhere. I spent too much time thinking about it, writing scripts and working on the show to ever, ever walk away from it. And I always really hate when shows have a creator who walks away, because it can really change the show. This is my baby. It's my first television show. I don't wanna go anywhere.

Ausiello: Fans wanna know when you're going to update your Grey's blog with analysis of the second half of the season finale?
I haven't had time because I'm in New York. Give me until Friday. Frankly, part of it's that I'm trying to get over and figure out how to explain to somebody the fact that Denny died.