The Shield After more of Lemansky getting squeezed by Kavanaugh, we meet the charming Mr. Doomsday. Let me read your mind: the same guy who killed Superman some years back, right? Wrong. I'm thinking it's the little brother of

Daniel "D-Day" Day, who was never seen again after ruining Flounder's brother's car. Coincidence? I think not. Then again, that's probably why I'm writing about cops instead of working as one. Now, here's the thing about creating scary characters. You come up with the name. You have him beat three college kids to death with his bare hands and rip the heads off two dogs, taking the poor pooches' noggins with him for later use. But there are only so many tough-looking unknowns in the Hollywood casting universe, so after you come up with him, you have to find someone whose looks live up to that. And this guy? I mean, I'm sure I couldn't take him, but they nonetheless needed someone bigger and a whole lot uglier. Actually, they probably needed CGI, but there's no budget for that, obviously.

Anyway, Tina finally got her earring torn out, which would've made me feel sorry for her had Dani not already warned her about exactly that (and the fact that she's still not gonna listen to anyone). Good scene with Vic and Lemansky at the end, though. It'll be interesting to see which way he leans after this, no? Michael Peck

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