Things didn't turn out so well for poor Barb on Stranger Things, but don't mourn too much. Shannon Purser, who plays the cult favorite character on the Netflix series, has already booked her next gig.

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Entertainment Weekly reports that Purser has been cast on Riverdale, the CW's upcoming Archie comics adaptation. Purser will play Ethel Muggs, a Riverdale High student who, in the comics, has a crush on Jughead. In the series, though, Ethel will reportedly be romantically involved with a different character. She'll also make friends with Betty and Veronica when they team up to get revenge on Archie's rival, Reggie Mantle.

So it looks like Barb will finally get to join the party from which she was excluded on Stranger Things, in a sense.

Riverdale is scheduled to premiere midseason on The CW.

Shannon Purser and Natalia Dyer, <em>Stranger Things</em>Shannon Purser and Natalia Dyer, Stranger Things

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