The U.S. Senate approved a bill to delay the transition to digital TV by four months, giving viewers more time to subscribe to cable or purchase a digital or converter box.

The bill, which the Senate approved Monday, still needs approval from the House of Representatives. It calls for analog signals to switch to digital on June 12 rather than Feb. 17.

A government-sponsored program providing coupons to offset the cost of a $40 converter box maxed out its budget in early January, adding to fears that viewers would not be prepared. A study last week showed that 9 percent of Americans were unprepared for the shift.

About 2.5 million Americans are waiting for coupons, Reuters reports.

President Barack Obama asked Congress earlier this month to postpone the cut-off date, originally planned in 2005, due to the government's "inadequate funding." He noted that rural, elderly and low-income homes need help the most.

What do you think of the delay? Are you ready for the transition?