This episode was just too much. I am sure that I am going to go to hell for giggling when J.D. ran around frantically shouting "abort the babies" ( balloon babies, that is) in front of a priest. Good thing the priest was pro-choice... and possibly Jewish... and wacky enough to be associated with Turk and Carla in the first place. The other thing that cracked me up and could possibly have me sittin' someplace toasty in the afterlife was the grandparent kennel. The grandma and grandpa that they didn't want to separate, or J.D. wooing a potential grandpa with a hard candy in a shiny wrapper and a pat on the head. Seriously, this show is out of control, and thank goodness. It is my one guaranteed, albeit guilt-ridden, laugh each week. Loved that J.D. was able to LoJack the Janitor. I'm not sure that I have many people in my circle who would eat a penny for five bucks... 20 dollars maybe, but definitely not five. Also, I hope they bring on more Janitor flashbacks. I thought it was great to see him as a chain-smoking hurdler who supposedly did "everything but" have sex with a president's daughter. "If

Amy Carter asks you up for a nightcap, you don't say no." Wise words. Also, loved the homage to another John C. McGinley work, Office Space, with his conversation with that red Swingline stapler. I just wish I had some extra cash to send to this show so they could make cooler special effects. The color-changing pregnancy test was a little too trippy for me. But I'm happy that Carla and Turk are having a baby, though I'm a little worried about situations that might cause J.D. and Turk to be alone watching that child. And it isn't all fun and games on this show, you know sometimes they also teach you something. This week's valuable lesson? Make sure to let your pizza rolls cool for a reasonable amount of time before popping them in your mouth.