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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's rep says a profane message embedded in a recent veto letter is just a "strange coincidence."

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A veto message from Schwarzenegger, regarding a bill from Assemblymember Tom Ammiano of San Francisco, raised eyebrows when the first letters of sequential lines in the left-hand margin spelled out the words "F--- You." (Click here to see the official veto reply).

"The governor does hundreds of vetoes every year on legislature bills. Each one comes with a veto message," Aaron McLear, Schwarzenegger press secretary, told "Obviously if you read along the left-hand margin, it spells something, which actually is not uncommon. When you do hundreds of vetoes, something like this is bound to happen."

McLear added: "We looked at other messages where it said things like 'soap' and 'poet' and 'ear' along the left margin. So it's just a strange coincidence."

Ammiano recently shouted, "You lie!" to Schwarzenegger during an event at the Fairmont Hotel and reportedly said "kiss my gay a--" to the governor as he left. "That I don't really remember," Ammiano told the San Francisco Chronicle, "but I've said that before...and if it was attributed to me..."

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