OK, first things first.

After all this time, I admit it: Skeet Ulrich still kind of reminds me of Johnny Depp. Not Jack Sparrow Johnny. Not Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Creepy Johnny. Definitely not movie junket, chain-smoking bohemian Johnny. (By the way isn't it cool he never changed his name when he got older, to Jonathan or a symbol?)

Skeet - all grown up, Scream miles behind him, CBS leading man - Ulrich is interesting, fluid and self-Depprecating. (Yeah, I went there.)

Plus he's hot! And apparently kind. When we asked costars and crew about the guy who leads a cast through its portentous weekly journey, everyone agreed, almost in syrupy synchronicity, that the dude is super cool.
(Another reason Johnny and Skeet are kinfolk.)

During our interview, he was serious (they are dealing with the end of the world, after all), wise, succinct (when he needed to be), charming, and patient. For example:

Interview excerpt: (as I remember it)

Lisa: Where ya been since Scream?
Skeet: Pardon?
Lisa: Don't play coy. Your auditory perception is impeccable.
Skeet: Ahh, sorry, you are?
Lisa: TV's Lisa Joyner from TV Guide: America's TV Headquarters.
Skeet: That's a lot of TV.
Lisa: You're telling me... imagine all the Tivos.
Skeet: Please stop.
Lisa: Slow down, comeback kid. You're a little touchy!
Skeet: No, no, your knee is digging into my sternum.
Lisa: Oops, my bad. Better?
Skeet: Ah hmm, yes, thanks.
Lisa: Where were we when you interrupted?
Skeet: I think you were
Lisa: Oh yeah, so this Jericho is a town in Palestine, north of the Dead Sea. Why do you speak English?
Skeet: On television, it is a town in Kansas. A "fictional town" where the apocalypse
Lisa: When you say "fictional" do you mean Kansas is not real, or we're not in Kansas anymore?
Skeet: It's a made-up location for our characters who are trying to deal with the unfortunate events that follow a nuclear holocaust.
Lisa: Say nuclear again?
Skeet: What?
Lisa: Go ahead, nuke-lee-ur.
Skeet: Nuclear.
Lisa: Is Neve Campbell the baby momma of your 5-year-old twins?
Skeet: No, she is an actress I worked with in Scream.
Lisa: So, you aren't a Party of Four?
Skeet: No.
Lisa: Hmm. Did you hear about the armpit-farting contest I had with Michael Gaston who plays Gray Anderson?
Skeet: Yes, I did.
Lisa: What would you say is the key to an awesome armpit fart?
Skeet: I don't know, perhaps tenacity. So long.
And actor exits/Fade to black

Cool guy, huh? Love me some Skeet.

And in case you're wondering, aluminum-chloride deodorant makes all the difference.

You're welcome.