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Saturday Night Live: Ariana Grande Proves She's Secretly Hilarious — and Accidentally Swears on Live TV

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Sadie Gennis

Ariana Grande hosted Saturday Night Live this week and shocked America by delivering one of the best episodes of the season. Unfortunately, Grande's episode got off to a rocky start when she accidentally said "oh sh--" during her opening song about - ironically enough - wanting to get her own adult scandal.

But after that slip-up, Grande got into the groove, busting out impression after impression and proving she's more than just a doughnut licker. Check out the best sketches of the night below:

Cold open featuring Larry David and Darrell Hammond: The presidential race is the gift that keeps on giving for SNL. In this week's cold open, Donald Trump (Hammond) and Ben Carson (Jay Pharoah) work out their differences in a press conference, only for Trump's supporters to attack Carson at a rally. And, as an added bonus, Larry David returns for another hilarious appearance as Bernie Sanders to explain the senator's success.

Celebrity Family Feud: This is worth it just to hear Grande drop the baby voice and do a shockingly good impression of Jennifer Lawrence. Seriously. Close your eyes and you could pretend David O. Russell's BFF is actually there.

Mermaids: Kate McKinnon as an ugly mermaid is a gift to us all. That's all we can say about this so-idiotic-it's-hilarious sketch.

The Sound of Music: When Maria (Grande) walks in on the other nuns singing about her behind her back, Maria claps back to the 'nunties' in a sketch that perfectly blends the classic musical with classic reading.

This Is Not a Feminist Song: It's hard to write a song that captures every woman's experience, which is why this all-female singing group didn't even try.

Tidal: In a desperate attempt to save Tidal, the company's shy intern (Grande) is forced to do her best impressions of Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Rihanna and more. And -- no surprise here -- Grande slays every single one.

The Drunkest Contestant on The Bachelor: Everyone knows that at its heart, The Bacheloris just a story about extremely wasted women leaving their careers for minor fame and free alcohol. But what happens when you take one of those women and put her on "Weekend Update"? Cecily Strong is here to show us.

What was your favorite sketch of the episode?