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Watch Bobby Moynihan's Final Saturday Night Live Sketch

Vanessa Bayer and Sasheer Zamata said goodbye, too

Amanda Bell

Saturday Night Live's season finale was the final stop for not one, not two, but three members of its regular cast. As expected, last night's Season 42 send-off was the final episode for long-timer Bobby Moynihan, but what fans might not have expected was that Vanessa Bayer and Sasheer Zamata would be bidding farewell to the show after seven years as well.

Bayer wrote of her decision to exit the program (via Instagram), "Thank you SNL for 7 years of laughs, love and incredible memories. It has been a dream come true." She'd previously joined the show in 2010 and rose to popularity thanks to her impressions of Rachel Green from Friends, her willingness to go there with Kristen Stewart during that faux Totinos commercial, and the Delta flight debacle of 2015.

Meanwhile, although Zamata didn't announce her intention to depart the series in her post-show snaps, ET Online revealed that she will not be returning for Season 43, as previously expected.

To celebrate Moynihan, Bayer, and Zamata, here's a look at some of their final sketches.

Capitalizing on the fidget spinner craze, this faux Cartier commercial sells to the people who are tired of their (basic) partners complaining about things like, "there's no one here." The device is a worthy and shiny distraction, but the thing is ... this is probably about a week from being real so this ad is more prophetic than it is punny.

Alongside host Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Moynihan played a pro wrestler called Truckyard Mutt in this sketch. But unlike The Rock's in-the-ring alter ego, his counterpart in this sketch didn't quite comprehend the concept of on-camera trash talking and hit wayyy below the belt. It's a little silly, but that's what the Rock was cooking for the finale, apparently.

Speaking of cooking, there's nothing like going out with a bang. And that's exactly what Vanessa Bayer does in this TKO Picture sketch that has her cutting so much cheese that they can't complete a scene. In classic Vanessa Bayer style, though, she doesn't seem to mind embarrassing herself one last time for a laugh.

Zamata appeared as Baroness Antarctica, who created a "freeze rain" device that could encapsulate all the world's monuments in ice as a bid to become one of the world's most evil villains. Frankly, with climate change currently crippling ice caps and glaciers, she'd be more of a hero than a bad guy with her freeze ray.

The one that felt like a true goodbye, though, was this: a high school celebration where the senior class got to say goodbye to each other by dabbing, putting on a show for each other, and singing things like "seniors always rule, juniors always drool, Class of '17!"

Saturday Night Live will return this fall for its 43rd season.