Sarah Chalke Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke is back in the hospital!

The Scrubs alum heads to Grey's Anatomy this week for a story that's based on her own experience in dealing with her son's diagnosis of Kawasaki Disease, an illness that inflames blood vessels in the body and is difficult to diagnose — which is exactly why Chalke was so willing to share her family's story in hopes of helping others affected by the disease who may not know it.

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Thursday's episode, aptly titled "Can't Fight This Feeling," will feature Chalke's character desperate to find out what's wrong with her son. "It's a very common experience of Kawasaki families of being misdiagnosed," Chalke tells "That is unfortunately the paradigm Kawasaki experience. We really wanted to find a way to raise awareness that parents would hear about this, because that was what was upsetting to me as a parent."

Check out a sneak peek at Thursday's episode below:

Additional reporting by Liz Raftery.