Prepare for an intimate lesson on Ronald Reagan. The 40th President of the United States is getting his own limited series.

According to Deadline, the project is in development at USA and will be executive produced by his daughter Patti Davis. Created and written by David Rambo, who was a producer on the first season of Empire, this marks the first time a Reagan family member will be involved with a project based on his life.

The limited series will chronicle Reagan from his early days as a lifeguard to his stint in Hollywood as a B-list actor to his two terms in the White House. The famed actor-turned-politician is perhaps best known for his economic policy, dubbed Reaganomics, as well his War on Drugs, which was highlighted by his wife Nancy's Just Say No campaign. Reagan's presidency also saw the escalation and de-escalation of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, and will likely be chronicled in the series.

Rambo previously wrote a one-man play on Reagon titled The Lifeguard, which touched on his time as a lifeguard and his summit meetings with then-Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev.

President Ronald ReaganPresident Ronald Reagan