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Revolution Burning Questions: The Rebels Went Down to Georgia

The past came back to bite our heroes right in the bum on Revolution. In "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia," we saw old friends, old enemies and a few that are a mix of both. Read on for the eight biggest burning questions from the latest episode. [Warning: Major spoilers ahead. Watch out!]

Sadie Gennis

The past came back to bite our heroes right in the bum on Revolution. In "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia," we saw old friends, old enemies and a few that are a mix of both. Read on for the eight biggest burning questions from the latest episode. [Warning: Major spoilers ahead. Watch out!]

1. Monroe has totallygone off the deep-end Upon learning of the Nevilles' betrayals, Monroe (David Lyons) has lost any semblance of rationality -- not that he had too much to begin with. "Clearly I've been too kind, too trusting, right?" he asked Neville's (Giancarlo Esposito) main man shortly before heartlessly murdering him. And we thought he seemed cuckoo bananas after Miles (Billy Burke)betrayed him! "I think he sees threats, danger and a potential usurping from every direction," Lyons told TVGuide.com. "I don't think he's necessarily comfortable in his own environment, let alone with these foreign states trying to encroach on his territory so ... his motivation is dictated by anxiety and paranoia and that can't be good." This doesn't bode too well for the future of the Monroe Republic. It doesn't take a genius to realize you can't lead an army when you don't trust your own men.

2. Who wants to move to Georgia? Filthy rich? Warm weather? Mint juleps? Where do we sign up?! Georgia sounds like a frickin' Utopia after the dystopic Monroe Republic. Though on a show like this, nothing is ever what it seems...

3. Who the hell is Alec? Turns out he's Miles' old protégé from his militia days. Seven years ago, the pair were even so close Miles passed down his lucky knife (hand-carved by his grandfather, I might add). When Alec told Miles he couldn't take it, I started shouting at the screen, "darn right, you can't!" Of course, in the end Miles convinced him. But hey, at least now it's an easy way to know that your former student is most likely hunting you down!

4. Friend or foe? Is Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) insane? They might live in a world without electricity, but that doesn't mean all forms of communication have shut down. Did it never cross her mind that some of her former misdeeds may have gotten back to her old co-worker, like for instance the time she stabbed one of them with a screwdriver? Add to that the fact that her "friend" she's seeking out can burn up bodies from a distance, and if I were Aaron (Zak Orth) I'd dipset ASAP.

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5. The original Charlie Rachel wasn't the only one to confront a former friend this week. Like most of his reuions, when Miles and Alec's results in a fierce fistfight. And for once, it was Charlie's (Tracy Spiridakos) turn to orchestrate the rescue. As much as I hate to say it, Charlie's really growing on me these past few episodes. Gone is the pouting, and out is the crossbow. Get it, girl!

Of course, if Alec is to be trusted (which is a big if), we're getting a clear look at what being Miles' protégé turns you into -- and it doesn't look good. Another thing not looking too hot: the backstory between Miles and Rachel. Even though the pair shared a fairly hot and heavy kiss recently, Alec balks when he finds out Charlie's working with Miles after what he did to her mom. I'm finding myself way more invested in their relationship lately than the series' ongoing mythology. So what did he do? Answers, please!

6. Robots cure cancer Yes, you read that right. Apparently, the nanites do more than simply shut off the power. As Rachel's friend Jane explained, they also eat away at cancerous tumors -- like the ones keeping her girlfriend alive -- and were responsible for keeping Danny alive (at least until that chopper gunned him down). It turns out, not everyone might be as keen on turning on the power as Rachel might have hoped.

Thankfully, when Jane's partner discovers the truth, she insists Jane hand over what Rachel needs to turn back on the power, even knowing it meant sacrificing herself.

7. Does betrayal run in the family? If so, Charlie best watch out because Miles was one heartless dude back in the day. After being spotted on a mission, Alec is traded to Texas by his beloved mentor because -- as Miles deadpans -- "it's part of the job."

Now, because of that, Alec is crazier than Monroe! He's so crazy, in fact, that he's ready to suicide nuke himself and the entire surrounding area "for the job." Thankfully, Miles is on hand to save the day (via fistfight, of course). Regrettably, that means he had to kill Alec. But hopefully, Alec's spirit won't hold any ill will because in the end, it's all part of the job.

8. The enemy of my enemy It's clear Monroe needs to be taken down, but I'm not sure getting in bed with Georgia is going to lead to anything better. Then again, all that man power the Georgia president (Leslie Hope) offered to Miles is pretty tempting. But will he take her up on her offer of an alliance? Remember, it wasn't too long ago Miles was happy simply being a bartender in Chicago and wanted no part of this fight. "I love playing with that sort of dichotomy between the guy who never wanted to be along on this ride in the first place ... still having to fight this fight and now we're faced with a position where the fight has begun. He's now put himself unwillingly in a leadership position again which he never wanted to be in," Burke said.

Do you think Miles will (or should) align with Georgia?

Revolution airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams