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[SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals major plot points from the Feb. 15 episode of Revenge. Read at your own risk!]

Summer finally came to an end on Wednesday's episode of Revenge, but the mysteries are just heating up. After months of anticipation, it was revealed that the cold and lifeless body lying on the beach belonged to Tyler, not Daniel. (Whew!)

Josh Bowman was relieved his character lived to see another day in Southampton. Although Bowman has been a series regular from the start — and has won over many fans — he says he wasn't 100 percent sure about Daniel's fate until the table read for Wednesday's episode. "People get invested in the character so maybe the producers don't want to kill him off. But then maybe they do, so as not to follow a pattern and create more interest. I think that would have been great as well," he told at an early screening for the big episode. "Obviously, personally, it wouldn't have been great because I love the show."

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Although the suspenseful hour answered many burning questions — Who took Emily's secret box? Why was Jack on the beach near the body? Where was Daniel? — it raised even more new ones. We prodded the cast and crew for answers!

Did Daniel kill Tyler? Although some might not think Daniel is capable of such a crime, Bowman has a different opinion. "The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree," he said, pointing to manipulative and ruthless mama Grayson (Madeleine Stowe). "There's blood on his shirt so he might have blood on his hands. ... Daniel's got a vicious side to him I can't wait to show."

Is Tyler really gone? Unfortunately, it looks like Ashton Holmes' scene-stealing days as Daniel's college BFF-turned-psycho stalker are dunzo. "He looks pretty dead to me," co-executive producer Sanford Bookstaver said with a laugh. "It's hard to let somebody go that we love. It just felt like the right person at the right time."

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Is Daniel on to Emily? The incriminating picture from Emily's secret box that Tyler revealed to Daniel "sparks something," Bowman said. "He'll definitely start snooping and will become more aware. ... He's going to ask questions." The actor says viewers will see major strain between the newly engaged couple over the next seven episodes, which also means "lots of love triangle stuff."

What does that mean for Jack and Amanda? After Jack chased Amanda (Margarita Levieva) down and found her standing over a dead body, she's got some explaining to do. "Jack's going to want to get in contact with her, but I don't know if that's going to be easy," Nick Wechsler said. Amanda's disappearing act, however, may open the door to another love interest for Jack: Emily (Emily VanCamp). "I'm going to be alone a lot more," he said. "It's creating a lot of opportunities for us to get know each other better and hang out more."

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Will Nolan betray Emily? Or has he already? Shortly before Amanda was seen riding off into the night with Takeda, Emily's former mentor exchanged a brief, but mischievous look with Nolan. Does this mean Nolan is not to be trusted? "He wears his heart on his sleeve and he can be very vindictive and awful if and when he's hurt," Gabriel Mann said. "But Emily and Nolan's fates are now intertwined. If he goes down, it's very likely her ship will sink too and vice-versa. The idea of these two being pitted against each other would be World War III because we both have the capacity and the money to do immense damage."

What's next for Declan and Charlotte? As if the young lovebirds didn't have enough problems, what with Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) learning David Clarke is her real dad and taking OxyContin to ease the pain, she also lied to her boyfriend about going to see a therapist in a scene shot, but later cut from Wednesday's episode. Connor Paolo also hinted at a possible Romeo & Juliet-esque divide between the couple because their respective brothers, Daniel and Jack, were both at the scene of the crime. "Declan and Charlotte are the closest things to witnesses that the police have," Paolo said. "No matter what the trial could involve, Declan and Charlotte are going to have opposing interests because they're from different families." 

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Who do you suspect killed Tyler? Do you think Daniel will figure out Emily's evil plan? Who do you want her to be with? Share your theories and comments below!