Revenge Revenge

As Revenge's sketchy tech mogul Nolan Ross, Gabriel Mann has gotten to play hero, baddie, and have fun on both sides of the sexual fence, while being the only one who knows Emily's secrets. So who better than the soap's fan fave to grill about what's headed for the Hamptons following last night's bananas mid-season climax?

TV Guide Magazine: Now that Emily has questioned Nolan's loyalties, does this put a huge target on his back?
Yes, absolutely. He has too much information and he's dealing with a very formidable opponent. And that's the fun of the show. At any point, any one of the characters could be revenged right out of the Hamptons.

TV Guide Magazine: Yet there's also the chemistry between them...
In terms of fan reaction, it has been all over the map. Some people want our characters to get together. There's a segment who are Team Jack. We've set up situations that could go anywhere based on the writers twisted minds.

TV Guide Magazine: Like the Nolan-Tyler hookup?
That was so great! I loved it!

TV Guide Magazine: So who would you like to see Nolan get with next?
Let's go with Victoria! I love that storyline possibility. I have no idea if they would ever go there, but I am such a huge Madeleine Stowe fan. Anything with her would be great. And in terms of story, it would be some really jaw-dropping, out-there stuff!

TV Guide Magazine: Can you tease what's coming up when the show returns?
I could be wrong, but I think by the time we get to wrapping up the Fire & Ice party from the pilot, with Daniel on the beach, there is a good possibility that, like an Agatha Christie novel, everyone will have a motivation for being involved in what has happened. That will leave a very interesting set of questions for when we finish [the back half of the season.]

What did you think of Revenge's mid-season shocker?

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