Rescue Me Rescue Me

The sixth season of Rescue Me will premiere tonight at 10/9c on FX, but the cast has already wrapped filming on this season and next, which will be the last. So no wonder actors John Scurti (Lou) and Adam Ferrara (Needles) are feeling nostalgic.

Scurti compares the chemistry between himself and executive producer/star Denis Leary (Tommy) to some great comedic teams. "I don't know if it's the ghosts of Laurel and Hardy or Ralph and Ed, or Fred and Barney," Scurti tells TV Guide Magazine. "It just kind of works."

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It's fitting, then, that Scurti's favorite moment from the show is a scene between he and Leary from an earlier season. The action — shot in one take — follows the two firemen from the street into the remains of a smoldering building, down stairs, around the second floor and back onto the street. Scurti says they did the whole thing without ever dropping a line. "When that was done, I turned to [Denis] and I was like, 'We can now do anything,'" he says.

Ferrara's standout moment is from next year's series finale, the last shot of the series, which will take place on the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. "There was an energy in the air that was nice to be a part of," he says of the shoot, which he calls a surreal experience.

Can't get enough of Needles? Ferrara is already working on another show, History Channel's Top Gear, which is much more light-hearted than Rescue Me. "We get to race all kinds of super cars and go on crazy adventures," says Ferrara, who's already driven a Lamborghini and Mercedes Gullwing on set. "And I think we have a few Ferraris coming up," he adds. "I'm having a really good time doing it."