Question: I remember a show from the early- to mid-'70s called Primus. It was sort of a Sea Hunt knockoff, but it got me into scuba diving. Can you tell me more about this show, such as who was in the cast and the years it aired?

Answer: That's why I'm here, Kevin. Actually, Primus, a syndicated show produced in 1971, was more than just a Sea Hunt knockoff it was a younger sibling of sorts. Producer Ivan Tors, who created the series, was also behind Sea Hunt and Flipper.

Carter Primus (Robert Brown), the title character, was an adventurer who, aided by submersible robot Big Kate, mini-sub Pegasus and other sundry gadgets, earned his living under the sea. Pal Charlie (Will Kuluva) and assistant Toni (Eva Renzi) were also around to pitch in, but all of those things and people combined weren't enough to defeat Primus' most dangerous foe audience indifference.

Only 26 episodes were ever shot. Obviously, though, that was sufficient to get you into a new hobby, so it wasn't a total washout.