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When news broke that Red Band Society's first season will end with 13 episodes, the creative team wasn't upset. In fact, it's the length they always thought would best suit the series. But with the series being pulled off the schedule — hopefully temporarily! — after 10 episodes and a Season 2 renewal looking slim, executive producer Rina Mimoun says fans will be disappointed if Wednesday's fall finale really is the end.

"If [this episode] is the end, it will definitely leave you hanging!" Mimoun tells "I have always believed the show would work best in shorter cycles. Keeping the kids in the hospital for too long begins to stretch credibility. Creatively, this felt like the best decision. But I'm hopeful the final three episodes of our first season will air in the new year. As far as a second season, I know there are more stories to tell at Ocean Park Hospital and with Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer) at the helm, I feel like anything is possible!" 

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When the series wraps up for the year on Wednesday, many of the kids' lives are left hanging in the balance — more emotionally than physically. First, Emma (Ciara Bravo) returns home despite not being close to having overcome her eating disorder. How does she handle re-entering life outside of the hospital? "Not well!" Mimoun says. Viewers will also see how much each of the characters' families are affected by their illnesses this week when they meet Emma's entire family, as well as Leo's parents.

With Emma gone, her ex Leo (Charlie Rowe) will find himself getting closer to Kara (Zoe Levin), who's also feeling jilted. When the two end up romantically entwined, it's not long before word travels. "The secret is not kept for long and there will be fallout, [but] hopefully, it will surprise you," Mimoun says. "For a show where these kids are constantly dealing with life and death issues, the repercussions of infidelity aren't exactly what they might be in any another teen soap." As for Kara's feelings toward Hunter (Daren Kagasoff), whose rejection rocks her harder than ever before, Mimoun says, "I wouldn't say that Kara will regret [falling in love] —you should never regret falling in love for the first time — but Nurse Jackson [who warned Kara to stay away] is a wise lady and what happens between Kara and Hunter will definitely change her life forever."

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Looking ahead, there's one character Mimoun is hoping to develop, should she get the chance. "Dash!" she says. "Not only because he is such a fan favorite, but because Astro brings such humor and honesty to the role.  We are giving him more to play in these final three episodes [which] we're excited about."

And if the show doesn't get that chance, Mimoun has this to say to their loyal fans: "Thank you for coming on this journey with us! It's been quite a ride."

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Red Band Society airs on Wednesday at 9/8c on Fox.

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