Rebecca Mader Rebecca Mader

Fringe ended last season with a disappearing act for Peter. In May's season finale, it's Olivia who'll be getting lost. Well, she'll be getting a visit from a Lost alum, Rebecca Mader, who played Charlotte.

Rebecca's character, Jessica, appears in the last two episodes of the season (or series, depending on whether or not Fox picks it up). Producers are keeping quiet on specifics, but they tell me Jessica is a strong, brave woman involved in a case linked to supervillain David Robert Jones.

"She will have an emotional connection with Olivia," adds executive producer J.H. Wyman. "They may find out they have more in common then they first thought."

Jessica will go on to interact with both Peter and Walter, but I got a firm "no comment" when asked if she could turn out to be a love interest for Peter or if she could return should the series be back for a fifth season. "To answer those questions would reveal a little too much," says executive producer Jeff Pinkner. "The finale in many ways is our characters' final battle."

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