High School Musical 2 cast by Bob D'Amico/ABC High School Musical 2 cast by Bob D'Amico/ABC

This fall's big-screen debut of High School Musical 3 may not be the most anticipated chapter in the franchise anymore. Of course, that's only because there is already the promise of a High School Musical 4.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Disney Channel has already begun developing a fourth installment. Disney Channel Worldwide President Rich Ross confirmed that a script is currently being drafted and revealed that - at least for now - the newest film would be a TV movie rather than a theatrical release. Although casting at this point is still up in the air, Ross did say he hopes to retain some of the original cast, which is currently gearing up to shoot HSM 3 in Utah.

Are you excited about the newest chapter, or do you fear the franchise is getting ahead of itself? - Adam Bryant