<I>Reaper</i> Reaper

How Tuesday's fresh fare fared:

8 pm/ET
NBC's Funniest TV Phrases special (6.6 million total viewers) placed a distant second behind an NCIS rerun. Yada, yada, yada.... The penultimate batch of According to Jims came in fourth, averaging 3.7 mil. Reaper wrapped up its second and likely final season with a 430K gain, hitting 2.22 mil.

9 pm
Fox's Mental debuted in third place, with 5.8 mil. Because you were about to ask: Although Mental shares 58 percent of The Mentalist's title, it only managed 47 percent of the CBS drama's repeat audience. You were going to ask, right?

ABC's Diamonds mini caught the eye of 3.1 mil, while the CW's Hitched or Ditched was largely the latter, premiering to a scant 1.46 mil.

10 pm
A repeat of the canceled Without a Trace easily topped a not-new SVU and Diamonds with 9.6 mil. Salt, wound!

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