A quick ratings recap, now available on a superbly intermittent, not-at-all daily basis:

" ABC's Next Big Thing (8.3 million total viewers) sounds a bit like Robert De Niro and looks like a winner, up 550K versus last week's premiere.

" Hidden Palms (1.55 mil) isn't swaying fans, shedding 270 thou from its debut. Maybe last night's freaky tag will get peeps curious? Lead-out One Tree Hill (2.11 mil) was down a bit from last week's measly numbers.

" So You Think You Can Dance surged a full mil and dominated at 9 pm, with 10.21 mil viewers.

" American Inventor returned to an audience of 7.8 mil - a definite improvement (i.e., up 1.2 mil) over the previous season's finale, but barely half of S1's own premiere draw.

" Traveler saw 880,000 viewers hit the road, dipping to 5.44 mil.