Sorry for the delay, but A) the ratings were delayed to begin with (I blame the slacker college kids), and B) I was off interviewing Bob Saget about Farce of the Penguins (out on DVD today). On with the show!

" Prison Break matched, perhaps even squeezed past, last week's season high, drawing an audience of 9.91 million total viewers.

" With Heroes (13.57 million) dropping 1.27 mil viewers week-to-week - in turn delivering its lowest numbers since Oct 16 - 24 (14.05 mil, up 400K) came out on top this week, and was the 9 pm champ (versus CBS sitcom reruns).

" Opposite a CSI: Miami repeat (13.4-ish million), Studio 60 (6.95 mil) was down 500,000, while What About Brian (5.71 mil) was up 300 thou.