Question: I took a vote with myself and decided that you're funny and people like you because you work in a cubicle and not an office. If you had an office you wouldn't be as creative. Plus, a window is distracting. Stay where you are. — Cassie

Ausiello: How ironic: I took a vote with myself and decided that you totally misunderstood last week's AA game, Cassie (Ask Ausiello 6/29). You were asked to make a compelling argument for why I should — the key word here being should — be working in an office and not a cubicle. Also, you were supposed to make this pitch on TV Guide's Podcast hotline — not in the form of an e-mail to AA. In the future, please read the instructions more carefully before entering. In the meantime, listen to the next installment of's weekly Podcast, TV Guide Talk, to find out who won that Pauly Shore T-shirt! The next show will be available early next week here.