Question: Who sings the Enterprise theme song, "Faith of the Heart?" It isn't Rod Stewart, but could it be Scott Bakula, aka Captain Jonathan Archer?

Televisionary: It could be, I suppose. But it ain't.

"Faith of the Heart," written by

Diane Warren and originally performed by Rod Stewart for the Patch Adams soundtrack, is sung by rising UK opera star Russell Watson during the show's opening credits. Watson comes from humble beginnings, initially earning a living as a bolt fitter in Manchester and practicing his singing on the side. From there, "The People's Tenor" (I love that name — a tenor for the rest of us) has come into his own as a bestselling singer and was even named a Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations. Now, if only one could say the same for the song itself, which has created quite a storm in the Trek community. It's tough to find a fan who's ambivalent about it. (Admittedly, it's tough to find a Trek fan who's ambivalent about anything.) Those who hate the song have started petition drives to get it dumped, while those who champion it are screaming just as loudly to leave it alone. What's my take on it? I think it stinks, frankly, but I'm sure as heck not petitioning anyone because it's at most about 30 seconds out of my life every time I watch. Life's too short, so to all those doing battle over the issue, I say mock it to your pals or play it to your heart's content, but go do something worthwhile with your time — like watching more TV, or reading archived Televisionary columns.