Question: You probably have the best job in the world. What kind of entry-level positions do you recommend for a guy like me trying to have a career in entertainment news? P.S. I really enjoy the Felicity references you throw in your column. Like you, I was obsessed with Felicity, and even moved to New York City because of the shot in the opening sequence of the cab dropping Felicity off with all of her suitcases. — Louie

Ausiello: First off, let's all observe a moment of silence in honor of J.J. Abrams' late, great masterpiece. Now, about breaking into the "biz": My best advice would be to land an internship at a publication/show/website that you really like. That's how I scored my first postcollegiate job at Entertainment Tonight. (I was eventually replaced with someone older and uglier, but that's another story for another time.)