Question: Hopefully, you can help me out with this. There was a short-lived show on Fox in the early '90s that was a comedy. It had different "serials" that it would show, I think — two 15-minute episodes of different shows each week. I remember the guy who played Oswald on The Drew Carey Show, Deidrich Bader, was on it, and I also remember Adam West was on the show as well in some sort of action spoof. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the show. — Matt, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Televisionary: Short-lived it was, Matt. You're thinking of Fox's Danger Theatre, which was hosted by Robert Vaughn and ran for only a month after debuting in July 1993.

As you say, the show consisted of two 15-minute segments, each a spoof of a popular current or past TV show. The two main segments were the Knight Rider-Renegade takeoff, The Searcher, which did indeed star Bader as a motorcycle-riding buffoon who wandered nationwide trying his damndest to be heroic and Tropical Punch, a Hawaii Five-O parody featuring West as an inept Honolulu cop and Billy Morrissette and Peter Navy Tuiasosopo as his partners in fighting crime.

You may also have caught detective comedy 357 Marina del Rey, which starred Ricky Harris and Todd Field, and bumped Punch, in Theater's final airing.